What is the cancellation or refund policy at Medvarsity?

What is the cancellation or refund policy at Medvarsity?

We understand that you can change your mind. We know that some of our courses might not be 100% relevant to you in your current job role. That is why we give you the freedom to ask for a complete refund of your course fee within 7 calendar days of course activation. You will not be eligible for the refund beyond 7 calendar days of the course activation.

A student can raise the request for change of course within 21 days of activation.

To know more details in this topic, kindly refer to "Cancellation and Restriction Policy" and "Refund Policy" in https://www.medvarsity.com/terms-conditions/

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    • I don’t see “Dr” salutation in my course completion certificate. Why?

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